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We have assembled a team of seasoned law enforcement officers and former military personnel dedicated to ensuring a successful program. 



About The Marston Group, LLC

The Marston Group, LLC is headed by Ralph A. Marston whose experience includes over a decade in the US Marine Corps where he served on many national and overseas assignments. 

Ralph later took the disciple and knowledge instilled in him from the Marine Corps, transferring it into Law Enforcement where he excelled; quickly becoming a Field Training Officer.

After leaving Law Enforcement Ralph then began a career in the private sector serving in security and the criminal defense field.

Ralph has dedicated 30 years to his nation, public service and service to his fellow man. During these years he has interacted with many Law Enforcement and military personnel of which his team is comprised of.  Our homicide instructor is retired after 30 years of experience as a homicide investigator in a metropolitan city. Our crime scene and police management instructor is also retired with 30 years experience, having written the policy manuals for one of Florida's leading Law Enforcement agencies.  We have also assembled a weapons training team that is second to none.  All of the team members are long serving or retired US Marines having served as Primary Marksmenship Instructors (PMI) or as members of the Marine Corps competitive Match Shooting Team. Our Anti-Terrorism instructor is a retired Federal Officer whose expertise was in the area of terrorism and counterterrorism. In the area of defensive tactics, officer safety and human diversity, we have assembled a team of seasoned Law Enforcement Officers and former Military Personnel dedicated to ensuring a successful program. 

Additionally, The Marston Group, LLC is affiliated with one of the leading providers of high-quality interoperable biometric identity management systems, applications and services.  Currently, offerings include: Fingerprint and palm scanners; Iris capture devices, Multimodal jump kits and Document Readers.


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