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Services at The Marston Group, LLC

Ralph Marston has assembled a group of highly trained instructors who are experienced in Law Enforcement and former military personnel that are capable of conducting training for any Law Enforcement agency. This training can be conducted globally and includes, but is not limited to; crime scene, defensive tactics, officer safety, homicide, weapons instruction, police management, anti-terrorism and human diversity.

  Law Enforcement Training

We provide training to Law Enforcement Agencies globally. We offer train the trainer courses where our staff will instruct officers who will in turn train the remainder of the staff. This training can be conducted globally and includes, (but is not limited to):

  • Officer Safety Training
  • Police Management: Supervisory Techniques
  • Anti-Terrorism Training
  • Weapons Instruction
  • Policing a Multi-Cultural Society: Human Diversity
  • Defensive Tactics Training
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  Security Services

Additionally, we can provide Personal and Physical Security:

  • Personal Security (Body Guard)
  • Physical Security (Security Guard of a structure)
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  Investigative Services
  marston   Investigative and litigation support services are available using proven and successful methods; providing exceptional, confidential and discreet solutions. Our expert staff members specialize in gathering and reviewing information as well as locating and interviewing witnesses. We provide comprehensive research and analysis while working closely with attorneys. Rates are competitive and individualized. Contact us today and begin to put your mind at ease.

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